Thursday, 15 October 2009

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  1. irst time in London. An Exhibition will collect the Latino people’s history in London. The exhibition called, Carnaval del Pueblo: the Story will be open to the public on 1st October 2009 at the Cuming Museum. It has been awarded by a highly prestigious 'Heritage Lottery Award' of £50,000 and supported by Carnaval del Pueblo Organization.

    The Latino American people are renowned for having a happiness and witty personality. For those attributes the carnivals has became the ideal way for symbolizing their ancestors, customs and cultural manifestations.

    This kind of parties full of music and colour has been used as tool for Latin community being part of London life. The Salsa, Samba, Caporales and Tango are no just dances but presents from Latino people to the city which has embraced them.

    Carnaval del Pueblo: the Story is an exhibition celebrating the London Latin American community’s cultural impact on London. The exhibition tells the story of the growth of Latin American Community events from the 1960s. It also explores and celebrates the art and performance that have made Carnaval del Pueblo, the largest Latin American carnival in Europe.

    The exhibition will summarize how has been the story of Latin people in London. It starts on 60’s ages when the first emigrants came seeking political asylum. They were trying to escape from dictatorship which took Latin America. After that will come the 80’s ages when a different kind of emigrants came to London looking for a job, for improve their studies and looking for a new fate.

    At the end, it will talk about of the Latin American community in our days where we are witness of how the community is growing, when is more common hear someone talking in Spanish on any road in London, where we can see how political candidates are interest in Latin American vote and we can feel how Latin American people become part of different areas and social aspects.

    The exhibition features oral history interviews with artist and organizers, carnival costumes, music, masks and a documentary film.

    Every single person has his history, every art has its process, and every country has its tradition. The mix of all of these things, of some stories and others built the humanity. The exhibition Carnaval del Pueblo: the Story wants to be part of a document of Latin American community’s culture in London and how their relationship with Londoners has been built.

    “The Latin American community needs to take part more of London life, as well as the English people knowing more about us. Our culture is diverse and there are still so many stereotypes as references about us, we are still new here. In the past we used to be more political and now days we are growing fast but we are becoming more and more aware of the need to speak English, to communicate, our culture is wonderful but our realities are diverse and we need to share them as we are”, says Julio Echart, Uruguayan photographer perhaps has in his collection the very first photographs of Latin American migrants in the UK.

    Sue Bowers, Head of The Heritage Lottery Fund London, added: “This project will preserve the memories of those involved in the carnival during its formative years and add a valued dimension to the event as an expression of cultural identity for London’s Latin American community.”