Friday, 2 October 2009

Ramin Goudarzi Nejad

Profile: Ramin Goudarzi - Nejad

Versatile and skilled in diverse areas of Film/TV production and operational management based on 24 years experience and continuous journalistic activities for the past seven years.

Key Skills

Film / TV Director:
Making over 200 videos and films between 1984 and 2000 as Director/Producer.
TV programmes such as features, drama series, commercials and music videos.
Formats for films were 16mm and 35mm films and videos were in professional broadcasting formats.
Technical director of TV programmes (switcher).

Film / TV Editor:
Editing most of my own films and videos as well as working on other productions.
Formatting 16mm and 35mm films and videos including U-Matic, Beta cam, S-VHS, Hi 8 professional, M 2 etc.
Proficient in Final cut Pro.

Cinematographer and videographer:
Working as a director of photography for a number of short films, which were taken in 16&35mm.
Lighting cameraman for TV programmes (Features and news).

Writing TV features for years including three scripts for drama series.
Two feature films.
More than 120 Commercials.
8 scripts for short films.
Dramatizing 100 educational Subjects to scripts.

Operational Manager:
Managing Director of `Shid Negaran Pishro` film production company and advertising agency for seven years.
Manager of the audio – visual department of the Ministry of Education for two years in Tehran-Iran.

Contributing with my articles to Iranian journals as a film critic and political and social columnist since 2000 in London.
Member of NUJ ( National Union of Journalists) in UK.

Translator / Interpreter:
Bi-lingual in Farsi and English with interpretation and translation expertise.
Translating articles from English into Farsi and vice versa for the Iranian journals.

Information Technology:
Proficient in use of all windows and apple packages including Word, Access and excel,
Final Cut Pro.
Adobe In design, Quark Express.
Competent user of Internet.

Career History
2009 Production Manger of GEM TV – TV programme making for GEM TV – Freelance Video journalist. Technical Director for a play called Feu la mère de Madame, directed by Soussan Farrokhnia.
2008 Technical Director and Tour Manger of a play called the Virtuous Burglar, Directed by Elizabeth Mansfield.
Producer of reportage for a Heritage Lottery Funded Project called The Iranian Oral History together with designing brochures, posters and other promotional materials.
2007 Director of Longer than Short Film & TV Productions. (
Technical Director for a play called “Compote” directed by Soussan Farrokhnia.
2006-2009 Chair of the Management Committee of the Iranian Association in UK.
2005 Freelance Journalist.
2004 Naslema weekly, Editor in Chief, London.
2001-2003 Freelance journalist, London. NUJ Member (The National Union of Journalist)
1993-2000 Shid Negaran Pishro, Film/ TV production company, Managing Director, Producer,
Film-maker in Tehran, Iran.
1990-1993 Freelance Film-maker.
1988-1990 Ministry of Education, Audio-Visual Specialist.
1986-1990 Teaching TV programme making during scholarship undergraduate studies of
Film/TV production funded by Ministry of Education.
1984-1986 Documentary Filmmaker for Iranian TV Channels whilst serving military service.

2005 Community Interpreting- Essential Skills & Knowledge Level NVQ 3 (LOCN)
2003 Final Cut Pro (Non Linear Editing) LOCN, London.
1998 Diploma in Business and Office Technology, Tehran, Iran.
1986-1990 BA in Communication studies - Film/TV Production, Tehran, Iran.
1983-1984 Film Production Diploma, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Tehran, Iran.
1983 High School Diploma in Economics, Tehran, Iran.

Leisure Activities

- Studying, music, on line newsgathering, watching films, cycling.

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